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Clips & Headbands

Big Bow Baby offers a wide variety of clips and headband styles to choose from. We use our expertise to determine which clips and headbands work best with each bow style. However, you know your child's hair best and you know what will or will not hold in her hair therefore you are always free to choose a different clip or headband style if you prefer. When ordering, simply let us know in the notes box at checkout if you prefer a clip or headband style that was not listed and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note that some clips or headbands simply will not work with certain bow styles due to the size or style of the bow. If this is the case with your selection we will send you an email to discuss alternative options.


Clip Styles


Clip Styles Defined

30mm snap clip: Our 30mm snap clip is the smallest clip we offer measuring in at just 1-1/4" wide. This tiny snap clip is specially designed to hold in the finest baby hair. The design is so lightweight that your little princess won't even know she's wearing it. We use this clip exclusively in our newborn hair bows and baby snap clips.

50mm snap clip: Our 50mm snap clip is a great snap clip choice for bigger girls with more hair. This clip measures 2" wide and works great in both thin and thick hair. This clip is best suited for lightweight bows. We use this clip exclusively for our girls snap clips.

alligator clips: Our single and double prong alligator clips are, by far, our most popular clip styles. These pinch style clips measure 1-3/4" wide and work great for girls with both thin and thick hair. If you are worried about these clips slipping out of your child's hair we recommend adding a Gripzies! strip to the inside of the clip. These amazing gripper strips have a peel & stick backing for easy application and offer an amazing no slip hold. We prefer the single prong clips for lighter weight baby hair bows 3" or smaller and the double prong clips for heavier toddler hair bows such as our 3" over the top boutique bows. We also use the double prong alligator clips exclusively for our delicate ribbon art clippies which require a sturdier backing for durability.

french barrettes: Our double locking french barrette clips are our second most popular clips and work best for girls with thicker hair. We offer these barrettes in two different sizes. The 50mm hair clip measures 2" wide and works best with 3" hair bows. The 60mm barrette measures just under 2-1/2" wide and works best with 4" hair bows or larger.

While both the alligator and french barrette clips can just slide into your daughter's hair, they work best when you first pull a portion of the hair back and secure using a small elastic ponytail holder. Once the hair is secured, simply slide the clip through the elastic ponytail holder. This is also the trick to getting forward facing bows for the beautiful over the top boutique look.

ponytail holder: All of our ponytail bows and cheer bows are secured to a sturdy white elastic ponytail holder. Our elastic has no metal pieces making it a great "ouchless" ponytail holder.


Headband Styles


Headband Styles Defined

elastic headbands: Elastic baby headbands are our most popular headband styles. We offer these headbands in 1/8", 3/8", and 5/8" sizes. These oh so soft, lightweight headbands are so comfortable that your baby won't even know that she's wearing them. We use these headbands exclusively on our vintage inspired headbands and baby flower headbands.

We use the following standard headband size chart. However, it is important to remember that every princess is unique and that the size needed may vary between children. To ensure the best fit, please measure around your child's head where the headband will be worn. Subtract 1" off that measurement for a snug fitting headband and order that headband size.

Headband Size Chart

preemie (12")

newborn (13")

0-3 months (14")

3-6 months (15")

6 months - 3 years (16")

4 years - teen (17")

adult (18")

crochet headbands: Our one size crochet headbands will stretch to fit newborns to about 5 years old. These 1-1/2" wide waffle weave headbands look adorable and are perfect for holding bigger, heavier bows like our over the top boutique bowbands.

nylon headbands: Our super soft nylon headbands will fit newborns to about 5 years old. We use these headbands exclusively for our felt flower baby headbands.

girl's headbands: Our girls headbands are perfect for little girls who prefer a more "grown up" headband style. We carry both 1/2" and 1" styles. The hard plastic uband style headband is completely covered with either ribbon or fabric depending on the style. We use these exclusively for our woven headbands, girls flower headbands, and girls bow headbands.